Rachel Arenas
My mission is to showcase the seasonal bounty of Pacific Northwest farmers while cultivating a connection between farm and family through masterful culinary experiences.
— Chef Rachel

About Me

Originally hailing from St.Petersburg, FL, I moved to Asheville, NC to complete my degree in psychology. During those pivotal years, I discovered my passion for culinary arts (which had until then been limited to our yearly Christmas cookie tins). After graduating from culinary school, and over the following six years, I developed an extensive background in both culinary and pastry arts, working in some of Asheville's finest restaurants β€” doing everything from banquets to wedding cakes to plated desserts.

In less than three years I quickly built my own personal chef business in Asheville. I have followed that passion to Portland, OR where I am focusing on local food sustainability and security through my work at the Portland Farmer's Market, developing my relationship with farmers, while connecting families with locally sourced food through my current business as a private chef.